Now with fewer clicks

video-front-pageThis month, we retired the online videos platform that was built according a wireframe that I designed. I was a bit saddened, but the feedback was that there were far too many clicks required to navigate. I reminded myself that the version we retired was better than the oneĀ before that, and so we learn and evolve.

The new look and feel is up now ( and it is much cleaner; when you open each video, each chapter is there on one long page, with the supplemental materials below.


Online Videos project; 2016

It was a crazy fall, writing up a reply to an RFP for our operational contract, and so as part of that, we created a summary of some of the work done on the Online Videos project (with of course the caveat that our Survey 2016 results tell us that there are entirely too may clicks to watch a video).

Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA) – 2016 in review