March 13- 17

Weekly work update:


Drafted the new videos handout. The addition of 5 new titles and the upcoming transition means that we have to rethink layout, organization, and the inclusion of additional information. This one had to be an additional four pages (or one 11 x 17 folded in half of course).

Drafted my section of the Board report, which requires one of my favourite tasks; exploring the online stats (video, website, social media) to see what’s going on. I found some huge increases in video stats (due to more marketing in social media, our newsletter and some test GoogleAds), and significant increases in the website visits, unrelated to the video increases. These are in part because news of the transition means that people are curious, but also some impressive increases in acquisition due to social media, AdWords and newsletter mentions of different products.


Non-work focus has been divided in applying for jobs, self-motivation, and reading a novel.


A massage to open up my diaphragm so I can work on my breathing. Terrible sleeps this week.


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