March 4- 10

I follow many blogs and website via the magic of RSS and Feedly (RIP Google Reader). And one of the writers does a weekly sum up of work, school and readings. I see the value in that; it’s easy to see gaps over accomplishments and to miss how disparate interests and directions can tie together.

So I am, without remorse, stealing his idea.

First of all; this week was the always important International Women’s Day.

The rest of all;


  • One video up
  • Another nearly done
  • Emails and associated Facebook posts.
  • Draft Board Report, figuring out the Case of the Increased Visits

Next week; create a draft videos handout with updated content.


  • IABC Special Interest Group meeting for health care communicators. This was my first meeting and it was a talk by the director of digital engagement at a local university on choosing technology and managing campaigns. A group of attendees that clearly have many links and connections.
  • Visualization lies: 


Yoga which made my thighs jelly and a gym workout that nearly broke my hips (and a new goal; unassisted chin-ups).

Updated my fathers book blog:


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