Who is our audience?

The autism community. In B.C., specifically.

That narrows it down, but not by much. We are working on the development of a new website at work because at the end of June, a contract we’ve had with the Ministry of Children and Family Development for 12 years is terminated. As this was 3/4 of our product, and a significant source of traffic to our website, we need a considerable re-think.

Who will our audience be? The autism community, but more internationally.

I know. It just got WAY bigger. But. If you remove the very B.C. specific service we provided, and look at the information and online training that we provide? We know there are huge gaps that the autism community in different provinces, states, counties and countries are facing. So who are we looking to reach in this global community?

  • parents seeking high quality training and information resources so they can help their kids.
  • community professionals without autism training seeking to provide better supports for kids with autism.
  • community professionals with autism training who are seeking informal (and sometimes formal) professional development

What are some of their characteristics?

  • Mostly English speakers (we do have some information in Chinese)
  • Parents will come from the entire range of education and income
  • Most will  be seeking information that can be applied (less theory)

I would guess that the first two users are looking for specific topics (choosing an intervention, help with toilet training or puberty), whereas the third more likely to browse.

Step two – what do we want them to do on our site? What’s in it for them?


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