Facebook is all over the place

It feels to me that our Facebook engagement and reach has steadily risen – more comments, more likes, more attention. In our reports, I mostly report on the number of “likes” we have – it’s easy to measure, it always goes up and people understand it.

Our  average weekly reach (as summarized below), fluctuates wildly, depending on types of posts (anything with Dr. Temple Grandin is popular), what time of year it is, and if I pay to “boost” a post. The reach overall is increasing, as shown in the trend line, which I would expect as our “likes” have doubled in the last two years.

In February, our weekly average reach was 7,000 in Facebook. Facebook sent 299 website sessions (total), which is a fraction of the 9,800 website sessions in February. So is it worth it?

  • If our “likes” increase, can we assume that we are reaching new viewers/users?
  • We clearly “reinforce” our brand (one of the reason we focus on news and training; not inspirational quotes) in Facebook
  • I am still new to conversions, so while I know there were some conversions, I don’t know which of those resulted in event purchases. More to learn!




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