What does a good day look like?

I had a job interview yesterday, and one of the questions was “what does a good day look like?” I’d not thought of that before, and it’s SUCH a good question. My initial (insufficient) answer was:

  1. Opportunity to casually throw around an idea or process with a colleague; not a debate, but a series of “what ifs”and “what abouts”
  2. Putting on my headphones and deep focussing on something, be it writing or planning.


And I think both of those things are true, I’d elaborate. It’s about;

  1. Brainstorming: the bouncing around ideas with a colleague OR members of the larger community (I just participated in an #npmc Twitter Chat, for example), but what’s important is the feeling of excitement and of new possibilities.
  2. Puzzle-Solving: Figuring out a knotty problem (I’ve been known to fist pump in my office!), outlining a project plan, writing some beautiful prose, editing some prose to be half the size!


An even shorter summary: ideas and implementation.


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