Key accomplishments

I’m looking for work now (our operational contract was not renewed, so we’re winding things down), and thinking about key accomplishments.

Accomplishments can get lost in the daily gains and losses at work. I can see the lost opportunities, and things I want to get done so clearly, but it’s worth celebrating the success, too. What is the norm now, wasn’t necessarily there 5 years ago.

When I started here, our communications strategy was adhoc, off the side of a few desks, and I’ve slowly modernized and formalized our approaches.

  • Visual Consistency: We have consistent branding for our different resource areas, and we use these logos throughout the website, print materials and emails. We’re creating visual reminders for people.
  • Feedback: We’ve always used evaluation forms for our live events, but now we summarize them into one Excel spreadsheet, which includes key quotes from participants that I can use for our marketing materials.
  • Infographics: We reach big in the office, which means that we can’t do it all. A few years ago we ran out of time to do a public Annual Report, so I took the stats from our funder and Board reports to create one-page Infographics:
  • Writing: we have a style guide and checklist for our online and print materials, so that we remember that all print materials need the month/year for example. We always know which is the most current.
  • Social Media: from nearly nothing, we now reach up to 6,000 people a week through Facebook.
  • Strategy: Also known as the “If Amy Gets Hit By a Truck” document; what we use, why and where it all is, our Communications Inventory 2017.
  • Analytics: Beyond the number of visits is a wealth of information. Where do people land? Where do they do next? Do our newsletters drive traffic to the website (spoiler: yes).

And more, but that’s a good summary for now.


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