Election time

It’s municipal election day. This is the one election that really impacts my daily life. I’ve generally been happy with city hall lately. I believe in a multi-modal city, with alternatives to the SOV such as car-sharing, transit, pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods and cycle lanes. This is good for everyone. I’ve also been impressed by the 3-1-1 service, where I lobby for lighting alone the Central Valley Greenway and complain about the length of time it takes for the pedestrian controlled crossing (30 seconds max if you were wondering, which seems Very Long when it’s raining).

It’s not been perfect though, and so I’m looking at promises and analysis to make my cheat sheet. It’s nice that EVERYONE thinks there should be affordable housing, more community consultation and better transit. So I’m looking at their stances on the Kinder Morgan pipeline and cycling infrastructure to distinguish between the options.


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