Our eyes are bigger than our capacity

We had an age old conversation at lunch the other day: what training do we think people need, what potential participants say they want (will they really come?), what can we realistically teach them in the time we have, how can we get them to commit for longer, more intensive training, and what are the costs and how much will people pay. We want training that is evidence based, and many (most?) participants want something practical that they can implement and see results from.

I’ve got even more opinions about the presenters that are available; the balance of content and presentation style. If we have access to an abundance of excellent speakers (some of the TED talks, for example), then why are presenters still so often stilted, with crowded PowerPoint slides and an inability to understand their audience. So adding to the list of questions we ask to deliver effective learning opportunities: how do we train presenters to be more effective presenters.

So it comes to: motivation, time and money. If you can figure out that trinity, you’ve got it made.


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