Who’s our audience?

I’m writing up a report, trying to pull out the significance and interest in our statistics. Right now I’m working on statistics on who attended a conference we put on a few months ago.

The statistics tell us that among our attendees, 46 % are a Parent or Family member of a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 41% are professionals (doctors, social workers, teachers, etc), and 10% are para-professionals (behaviour interventionists, for example). This shows me that we have a pretty broad range of attendees, and we can expect that there is a significant difference in the amount of formal education and training. We also know that sometimes parents or family members have many years more experience (and more intimate experience) with ASD than a new professional. Many of our attendees have fingers in both pies, as well – a parent of an individual with ASD goes to school to formalize their “on the job” training and gains certification as behaviour consultant (as one example).

One of our objectives in our training is to break down those silos of knowledge and experience – to facilitate virtual and live spaces where families and professionals can talk to each other, share stories, questions and concerns. Professionals, para-professionals and family members need some common language and understanding to do what’s best for the individuals with ASD that they are living with, working with and caring for.

And so our statistics only tell part of the story, which is why I’m here, writing up a report to explain the stats.


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