Reflections on moderating a discussion

These last two weeks, I moderated a discussion in the SCoPE community. I’ve moderated and set-up discussions before, but I feel like a newbie every single time!

Sylvia Currie, the fabulous coordinator of SCoPE sent me a well timed email asking me how it went, and so instead of blithely saying “fine”! I gave some thought to my objectives, the outcomes and the stuff in between.

In general, I felt like it got off to an awkward start, as there were some what I felt were absolute answers about video in education, so we didn’t get into the instructional aspect (what DO you tell your students. how do you measure those outcomes) as much as I’d have liked. This was a case where I perhaps had too many threads going on, so didn’t question/ pick at as much as perhaps I could have (while of course, still being respectful), since I was trying to start too many conversations at once (trying to be all things to all people).
It was however VERY useful for me. I feel like I made peace with the long lecture capture video that we do at ACT. It’s not a 5 minute succinct block of one concept with annotation and fancy transitions, but it’s what we’ve got and it fills a purpose, and we do good stuff with it. And I’m working to make it better, and I’m okay with that.
 because many practices are best practices
And in the end I summarized it with what I’m calling video-instruction Bingo. I use the bingo platform quite a bit when trying to explain that many practices are best practices. Can’t we just all get along?!
So all in all, a good exercise for me, and hopefully got some people thinking about their objectives and assumptions.
because many practices are best practices

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