Metadata and streaming videos

So I’m the first to ask about Metadata on our instructional videos (yay for me!). And now what?! I know how to add the metadata, that’s not an issue. But what metadata is useful and suits my purposes?
The videos are streaming, and behind a login, so my objective is not to use the metadata for searching. I  mostly I want the metadata so that we have a couple of bits of information for our own purposes and also so that if someone DOES pirate/steal it, then at least the metadata states our ownership.
The videos range from 1 to two hours, and are a head and shoulders + slides video recording of a  face to face presentation.
The metadata options I was given, and the fields I chose to fill out are:

·         Album:

·         Artist:

·         Author:  ACT – Autism Community Training [that’s us!]

·         Comment:  workshop delivered [date here]

·         Copyright:  Copyright belongs to ACT – Autism Community Training. This video is not available for distribution. [that’s my fancy threat/warning]

·         Description:

·         Title:  [title of workshop and presenter name]

·         Information:

·         Keywords:

·         Producer:

·         Software:


I think in this case, the limited amount of metadata is warranted. It’s for our purposes only – and if we were to find out any videos were pirated, we’d be able to point to the metadata for ownership (I know, a hacker could remove the metadata, but would they bother?).



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