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George Siemans writes an article that captures one of my personal pet peeves – the ideas that this generation is “astonishingly unique”. Some time ago my grandmother sent me a copy of the valedictorian address that she wrote in in the 1930s. She spoke of the world that her generation were facing, their responsibilities and how the world was entirely different from her parents world. My father could have written nearly the same speech 25 years later, and so on.

George has taken this idea and written a blog posting on the skills an effective educator needs (regardless of the year, decade or century): http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/2010/11/08/its-new-its-new/

A few things that struck me was the need for experimentation. I feel sometimes that I’m asked for the perfect blueprint. It’s not that. It takes reflection on your own process and results. The learners need autonomy: have your learners lost that drive to ask and experiment? What patterns have they learned throughout the years of schooling?

It’s a nice concise look at the de-contextualized skills that are needed.

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