Blog postings I read today

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading (over 500 unread postings in Google Reader), and as a result, I have a few links that I’ve starred, am planning to incorporate into a project, or just plain old resonated with me.

Writer as Athlete over at compares the writer to the athlete. You can (and I will) also extend this to teachers. Advice like plan ahead, be resilient to “failure” and find your focus are all ideas worth remembering. It seems like everyone is talking about how we’ve got too much to do, so here is a link to the Academic Life and the Get Things Done approach.

Did you know that our neighbors at BCIT have a blog? They’ve linked to an article that suggests that learning styles might not be a big determining factor in teaching.

And then FacultyFocus had a nice posting on making peer assessment actually a working idea, not just a good idea.


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