Educase study of U/G students and Information Technology

Each year, Educause publishes the Undergraduate Students and Information Technology survey. It’s an interesting glimpse into the student world – as we age, our remembrance of our undergraduate years change, and it’s easy to start making assumptions about how current undergraduates interact with and define information technologies.

In thier introduction, it explains: “Since 2004, the ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology has sought to shed light on how technology affects the college experience. We ask students about the technology they own and how they use it in and out of their academic world. We also ask students about how skilled they believe they are with technologies; how they feel technology is affecting their learning experience; and their preferences for information technology (IT) in courses. Our ultimate goal is to provide college and university administrators, particularly those charged with implementing the technology environments in which these students will learn and grow, with reliable information on undergraduates’ behaviors, preferences, and overall satisfaction with technology.

Read the key findings or the full report: were the results what you expected? what else would you have asked? how would you answer these questions? how could this impact your own teaching or learning styles? what other studies or comparisons are useful?


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