The technology doesn’t work!

I deliver workshops at my university, mostly on online software platforms that can be used for educational goodness. It’s natural that I get many questions (though email, at the workshop) about mysterious error messages, blocked doors or inexplicable misunderstanding of the software’s vocabulary. I have a golden rule of the three R’s:

  • Read: Sometimes when we’re frustrated, we miss clues or instructions on the screen. No, really, it’s true!
  • Resources: There are probably some great self-help resources (or even Google) that will help you find the answer quickly.
  • Relax: and this is the most important one. I would hazard a guess that 90% of meltdowns while using online platforms are due to user error (an inability to follow instructions, for example) or the computer/browser just needs a  break. So in these cases, I sometimes make a cup of tea. It gives me time to cool down (if necessary), and approach the problem with new eyes when I return to the computer.

Tea – it solves so much.


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