what is an eportfolio

Some of the staff in my department had a meeting the other day to discuss supporting each other in the building of eportfolios. The conversation ranged to include if these would be eventually templates or examples of good practice for others, and looked briefly at teaching portfolios out there.

I sent a twitter out later bemoaning that I’m not so good at self-promotion, and a colleague at a different university replied suggesting that I structure it around self-reflection. I started to shake my head, but then considered that this blog is a series of reflective posts – be it about my acts, things I find, or what people tell me. So maybe that does work for me.

So them where do you start with a eportfolio? I’m going to begin with what this portfolio should do for me; declare my digital footprint; catalogue the work that I’ve done; showcase excellence in my work? And how structured do I want this to be? Do I want specific and linear categories to fill out, or a growing and inter-linked series of individual nuggets? Who is this for: prospective clients; prospective employers; myself?

I think this is about my digital footprint. Next step is to consider how I’ll combine my different online presences; twitter, flickr, the blog, the wiki…


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