Timing some tasks

Sometimes, when working on a task at the computer, I get distracted – it’s true! I check my email every two minutes because what I’m working on is tedious, or I want to look up just one thing, and then end up looking at book reviews, or EdTech videos on YouTube. And you just know where that is going to end up.

I looked online (ha – see, in addressing this perceived issue, I am in fact procrastinating) for for computer based timers (a kitchen timer ticks annoyingly). I found many resources – and a page that wraps up this concept nicely for me, plus offers some suggested software. The 43folders wike page on timers also assures me that I`m not along in my distractions.

I downloaded the multi-timer from here, and set it to 20 minutes. So far I spent 5 minutes updating a document, and almost 15 messing around with formatting. There is a lesson here, to be sure. That being said, now that I`v deciding definitively on the formatting for my document, I can really get down to filling in the course map.


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