The Myth of Saving Time

CodDogBlog wrote a post today on the myth of time saving with technology. He uses the the example of RSS feeds, and admittedly, I add more that I remove from my reader. But I’m using my “internet reading time” more effectively here – more time reading, and less time looking for bookmarks and watching the screen load.

I’ll keep telling people the lie, however, since it matters more what you spend your time one. If you use an LMS to deliver grades to your students (instead of emailing each one individually), you can use the saved time of composing individual emails to send more timely and detailed feedback.

I think the big lie is more in the investment of time. “Time-saving technologies” won’t be that immediately. They require some investment. Learning shortcuts and good practices is what will save you time in the long run. But it still won’t grade student papers for you.


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