What’s on the Horizon?

I recently read the 2007 Horizon Report.

This annual report looks at emerging technologies and how they can impact instruction, and predicts the upcoming adoption horizon – how near or far they are to widespread acceptance.

One of the points that is most important I think is that there is an increasing wealth of information – how are we, as educators and staff at universities going to teach students the critical thinking skills so necessary to evaluate and prioritize information sources?

Key is media as well. How are educators going to learn to assess video, images and other new forms of content. Step back a step, and wonder how students or faculty are going to get to learning how to use new tools and software, and then beyond – using these new tools to create narrative, pose questions and design learning environments?

The report is worth reading for it’s take on emergent technologies I see: user-created content and classification, and those I’m still suspicious: virtual worlds and complex multi-user games.


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