Choosing an appropriate learning tool

We are sometimes asked to rate or choose the “best” technology for educational purposes. My instinct is first to ask questions like “what are you trying to do”, “how many students do you have”, “how comfortable are you with new technologies that might requires lots of set up and maintenance” for example.

Learnlets Blog has a nifty little graphic that makes some sense. It would make more sense to me to have objectives on the bottom, and the facilitators technological comfort level of the side (novice/ intermediate/ advanced).

The comfort level of the users is important as well, but it is the facilitator or moderator who will have to answer questions and keep any discussions and learning going, so it’s imperative that they are comfortable or at least willing to be uncomfortable with the questions and changes that will occur. I’d also add some non-computer based technologies such as slides or overhead projectors.

The question is what is the chosen tool doing for you, and what will you have to do for it?


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