What time is it there?

As I’m currently working from London, I have to do regular mathematics to sort out what time it is in Vancouver. If you are teaching online, and have students in several different time zones, this is also a concern. When are certain students most likely to be online? I’ve got a couple of techniques to make time zone tracking easier.

1. I use Mozilla Firefox browser, and here’s one of the reasons why. I’ve just downloaded an add-on for my browser called FoxClocks. I am able to set how many world wide location time zones that I want to track (I selected London, Calgary and Vancouver). I now have a small globe in the status bar (bottom part of my browser). Whenever I hover my mouse over it, it pops up a small window, telling me the time in my chosen locations. For example, it’s 7:36am in Vancouver right now. Good morning! Download this nifty add-on here.

2. My original solution was to use Google Home Pages. The problem was that I have to sign in each time I open the browswer a new, but on my Google Home pages, I’m able to stream my Google Reader, my Gmail, Flickr photos, and also view two clocks: one with Vancouver time and one with London time. It’s a great aggregrator of lots of different sources of information, but I won’t need it as my primary time zone tracker any more!


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