Subject area blogs

Perhaps because I read educational-like blogs, I read many postings about the value of blogs in education. I’m somewhat separate from the different the actual subject matter in our faculties (for many reasons….), so when I find a blog that is less about blogging and more about a specific academic interest, it is worth noting.

Here is Living the Scientific Life, a blog about a wide range of scientific topics, and with plenty of images and pictures, too. She’s not limiting herself to just one narrow focus. I backed up from her URL to find the source Science Blogs and oh my, what a lot of choice. It hosts 57 blogs, from Neuroscience to Paleontology, compiles the recent and most popular posts. Science Blogs is maintained with online advertising, and appears to attract plenty of conversation. One post covers Learning to Write Like a Scientist, so it’s a pretty wide ranging site.

The main page only links to internal blogs, but the individual blogs have their own Blogroll. A blogroll is a list of other blogs that your blogger reads. It’s an interesting insight into the range of interests that the writer chooses to share. Some of the listed blogs will relate to the same subject as the blog your are reading. Or they’ll link to puzzle blogs, political blogs, or a literature site. Following interesting links can quickly get you lost in cyberspace, with your head bursting with ideas and questions.


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