Flickr for Education

I do love Flickr, for sharing, viewing and searching images. I use it to communicate with far flung friends, and as a visually interesting break from words, words, words.

Here are some interesting uses for the classroom, however.

Beth H asks her students “What style is this painting?“, and they respond with comments and notes, highlighting different parts of the photo and discussing their conclusions. It’s an ongoing, participatory conversation, that encourages repeat visits.

Here’s one posted by someone from the Royal Scottish Academy. There were no initial questions posted to jump start the discussion, but we still have links to other resources, notes and conversation.

In a lower-level geography course I once had to take or draw pictures of locally significant spots to myself. Why not be able to post those images in flickr, with notes, reactions, and links to others? This individual has mapped out his childhood neighbourhood, and many others have too.

What are the copyright implications of the images?
How much information should be shared, and how can it be filtered?


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