The Water Buffalo Movie.

There have been plenty of blog postings today about this Water Buffalo Movie in which someone decides to actually purchase a water buffalo for a poor family in China.

One of the questions raised in the blog posting above is how this (perhaps an example of service learning?) can related to education. We know that many of our adult students are interested in the applicability of learning, so what discussions does this film open up?

-What is the economic impact of these charities on actually families they are trying to help? What are the economics of purchasing the equivilent of a water buffalo versus the economics of actually doing so (assuming you have contacts in China). What is the market value?

-If you purchase a water buffalo for a family in a province of China, how might this impact the family dynamic? Their role in the village?

-How does it impact their daily needs (they have to feed the buffalo now, but is their growing output increased?) Can they rent out the water buffalo?

-How do you choose which family to give a water buffalo to?


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