Why you should RSS your academic journals

Yesterday, I was reading abstracts of journal articles to see if I want to keep them, and I realize that I rarely look up journal articles anymore even though there is lots of great stuff. Why not? Because I don’t have an RSS feed of the new stuff. I may not want to look specifically for new articles on the use of video in the post secondary classroom. I want a steady stream of new titles from my favourite journals. Maybe I don’t know that an article by someone from the university of New Delhi will jump start some thinking regarding something that I’m currently working on.

That is why RSS feeds of blogs are popular. The blogger is a trusted (or at least interesting!) gatekeeper, sharing either links to information or their own rants and thoughts about issues of the day. Journals also function as a gatekeeper, but I have to go knocking on their door with a note requesting specific information, instead of them giving me regular information about the world out there.

So as I typed all this out yesterday, indignant about the lack of RSS feeds, I decided to take advice that I freely give: look it up! Lo and behold, you CAN get RSS feeds of some journals. That will be a different blog posting though.


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