Portfolios for Learning

I’ve been asked to give training on the new Blackboard/WebCT portfolio tool. I haven’t actually gotten a chance to look at it yet, which is actually a benefit, since I’ve been thinking about how portfolios could be used to support learning.

I read a few articles and resources, and the idea that struck me most was the outcome of finding connections between disparate experiences. Some people really do know at the age of 10 that they want to be a doctor or a trial lawyer or some such thing. Most of us dabble in a number of things that interest us, while trying to figure out What To Be When You Grow Up. I made a mistake of thinking that only my education was going to Get Be My First Job. I didn’t realize that learning and doing don’t always have a direct connection to WTBWYGU, but that if you look back at some point, you might see a lot of parallels in your actions, decisions and what you produce.

An acquaintance tied in his diploma from an institute of technology (he planned logging roads), his travels, and his work counting birds in Alberta into an application to a graduate program in urban and environmental planning.

Not everything fits, but you can’t guess how somethings might connect later on.


One thought on “Portfolios for Learning”

  1. Yay.

    My education was mostly about avoiding making student loan payments. No grand plan. I became rounded as a result. These “portfolios” are basically antithetical to becoming rounded.

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