Leaving soon (not that this space will notice)

Next week I fly to Amsterdam (the first time I’ve been there since, oh, about 1994), to begin a month long vacation in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany (Berlin, to be specific). It’s the time of the 2006 World Cup in Europe, and I’ll be catching some of that excitement. I don’t know much about football, but I will be certainly cheering for Brasil, where I once spent some time on an exchange.

I am therefore trying to wrap things up before I go. We have a new Instructional Support Technician starting on Monday who will be able to take over some of my duties, and I only a couple of days to get her up to speed. Everything I do, you see, is in my head. Sure, I have a wiki to track the details of a couple of projects, but they are sometimes updated only periodically. I only see and update the things I need, so my cognitive map of my projects is not well linked to those pages.

Over the last few months my life has been taken over my our campus transition to an upgraded version of WebCT. I know that some still complain about what it does (and does not do), but we’ve come pretty far since January. Once we get people up and running, I’m hoping to narrow my scope a bit; adding language and symbols, adding audio or flash files to quizzes, and figuring out how to incorporate wikis.


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