Wikis for collaboration

I am hoping to get to this recording on Using Wikis for Group Collaboration.

Why the interest in wikis?
Some wikis can be made password protected, so that students can still protect their work (for example, if each group uses the password ENG100-3, then it is a password that makes sense, and students don’t have to remember multiple passwords).

Students also don’t need a crash course in HTML to collaborate on a group project. One of the difficulties in the past has been that groups with a techical-guru have been able to produce much more polished products. Wikis, which are meant to be simple, can reduce that learning curve, so that the energy is spent on the course content. It can be tempting to expand the parameters of the presention – images! – animations! – but the more you expect from the software, the higher the learning curve!

Publically available wikis tool that I have used in the past are: PBwiki and Schtuff


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