Anyone got a bucket and a mop?

Listening to As it Happens on the CBC today, I was laughing out loud. It seems that in a public library in Ottawa, there was a complaint about the cleanliness of the men’s washroom. The complainee returned after an hour, and yet the brown mess was not yet cleaned up. At this point he contacts the office of the city counselor. A member from the office goes down to take a look – it’s only a couple of blocks, and such is the life of a staff from the city counselor’s office.

Once there, it’s not quite the apocalypse he’s been lead to believe, but the bathroom is indeed unusable, and the janitorial staff are shared amongst municipal buildings, or on a different janitorial emergency. Not available. So he asks around “anyone got a mop and bucket?”

Back in the office, his boss receives a phone call from a staff member at the library, warning him that his actions could be considered inappropriate, and that the union could file a grievance.

At this point I’m laughing out loud, and the interviewer is too, asking how this falls under his job description. “Do you ever watch the West Wing, with their Armani suits and $500 shoes? Municipal politics isn’t like that.” The killer line of the interview went something like this:

“There is a time to pitch in and get it done, and that wasn’t a time to write a memo or form a committee.”

I can’t make this shit up: listen to it here. (It’s the first story of part three.)

I like that guy. Even though his fifteen minutes of fame came from a toilet, he sure kept his sense of humour.


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