Make it so

I was talking with someone today about my first very own computer (that I took to university with me). It was an Apple Powerbook 100 with an external 3.5 disk drive, a trackball (that the cool kids replaced with a large marble). And it was great! I had a portable computer that I used for several years. Today I’m sitting in my living room, with wireless, full colour, downloading television shows in the backgroud. It’s rather obvious to say that we’ve come a long way.

And so when people make pronoucements on what can and can’t work, I remember when I couldn’t quite grasp the idea of the internet. I couldn’t understand what people could possibly want to access online – newspapers and books were my point of reference, and reading books online still hasn’t really caught on.

So no, I’m not really sure how you might use synchronous communications, learning management systems podcasting, blogs or wikis.

I know that we have to start with what the teaching or learning objectives are. Once there, ask questions, make adjustments, and personalize any medium that is chosen. Will students learn by creating and asking questions, testing things out, expressing new ideas or challenging other ideas? Once you start there….


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